Alissa Allen with Sea Lettuce and Bill Yule holding Laminaria saccharina (Saccharina latissima) – sugar wrack ……along the Maine coast (August, 2014)



SEAWEEDS……..NEW YORK BOTANICAL GARDEN CLASS at Pelham Bay Park, August 5, 2014

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We’re still identifying the seaweeds we found at Pelham Bay Park, but we know we found Sea-lettuce (Ulva lactuca), 2 species of bladderwrack (Fucus app.), Ceramium rubrum (the red seaweed that looks banded), Grinnellia americana (the red seaweed that looks like a pink to red sheet with compartments in it and dotted with conspicuous tiny spots, the red seaweed Agardhiella subulata, a filmy green seaweed that covered rocks and ledges (Ulva intestinalis)……

I hope we can plan another seaweed excursion for sometime this fall. Stay tuned.