NYMS 2011 Monday Eve Mush. ID

Every Monday evening for 4 months, between July and the end of October, the New York Mycological Society holds an open mushroom identification session between 6:30 and 8:30pm. People who were out the previous weekend are invited to bring their mushrooms to show and be identified. Some club members who collect far afield, sometimes in Maine or Vermont, New Jersey or West Virginia, come in to display their collections. In this manner, those attending have the opportunity of seeing a great many different mushrooms that no one could see at one time on one’s own. The following photos represent ten of these Monday evening sessions and some of the more interesting of the mushrooms that we were able to see.

AUGUST 1, 2011




SEPTEMBER 12, 2011


SEPTEMBER 19, 2011


SEPTEMBER 26, 2011


OCTOBER 3, 2011


OCTOBER 11, 2011


OCTOBER 17, 2011


OCTOBER 24, 2011


OCTOBER 31, 2011