MSA Award

Dear Dr. Lincoff: Congratulations! You have been selected to receive the 2017 Gordon and Tina Wasson Award from the Mycological Society of America, in recognition of your outstanding mycological career. We hope that you will be able to attend the MSA meeting July 16-19, 2017 in Athens, Georgia, to be recognized at the Awards Ceremony [...]

Henry David Thoreau, one of the very few worth reading every day !

March 5, 1858: “We would fain know something more about these animals and stones and trees around us. We are ready to skin the animals alive to come at them. Our scientific names convey a very partial information only; they suggest certain thoughts only: it does not occur to me that there are other names [...]

MUSHROOM CLUBS in North America This is North American Mycological Association’s list of ALL mushroom clubs in North America that are affiliated with NAMA. Contact the one nearest to you to find out where and when there are mushroom hunts in your area!   A program on edible wild mushrooms on NPR’s Science Friday………recorded May 13, 2016   

Clades are here to stay…..for awhile, anyway

[Click on the image for an enlargement.] Clades are used in Botany and Zoology, as well as Fungi – and what they have to tell us is not insignificant or irrelevant. Clades can show us the lineages of organisms. Knowing how to see past appearances to the reality of things can direct our research in [...]


ETHNOBOTANY: A FIELD STUDY at the New York Botanical Garden 4 Wednesdays, June 8 – 29, 2016 .

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